The GCPD Headquarters is a complex located in Gotham City's Old Gotham district.

Serving as the primary headquarters for the Gotham City Police Department the building itself had been a target for attacks from vandals, delinquents and supervillains alike, however, the building is always restored, rebuilt and refurnished to continue upholding the law and maintaining justice in a city filled with corruption.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Bottled by Brainiac along with the majority of South Gotham, The GCPD Headquarters has been infiltrated by the villain in his plan to bore into Earth's core and use the acquired power of the Prime-Avatars to alter the center of the Multiverse and change reality into one of his own design.




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  • Having survived the Gotham earthquake and No Man's Land, the Gotham City Police Department Headquarters is one of the oldest landmarks in the city.
  • The GCPD Headquarters was designed by Anton Furst, who was also the man responsible for designing the Batmobile and Gotham City's architecture for Tim Burton's Batman (1989).
  • The GCPD's Homicide Division, Major Crimes Unit and Quick Response Team are all situated at the GCPD Headquarters. The Major Crimes Unit itself is split into two shifts; a day shift and a night shift, with its members picking up and following cases sometimes in conjunction and sometimes in competition with the Batman and his team.