Gadgeteer is an Armor Style Set, the pieces of which can only be obtained as rewards from Collections and Briefings.

Gadgeteer Headpiece- Can only obtain from the Oolong Island Briefings(Alert)

Gadgeteer Shoulders- Rare loot from the Vault

Gadgeteer Chestpiece- Collections: Alma Alumni

Gadgeteer Back- Survival of the Fittest: Episode II (Briefings)

Gadgeteer Gaunlet- Collections: Chemo's Legacy

Gadgeteer Belt- Collections: Technology is the Future

Gadgeteer Pants-  Collections: Social Engineering

Gadgeteer Boots- LexCorp (Briefings)

Pieces Awarded Stats

Custom Style

                                   -                            -


  • Collecting the full style set unlocks the feat Go Go Gadgeteer (25 points).


  • The back piece of the Gadgeteer suit emits flames when the player is in flight.


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