March 27, 2012

DCUO Teleporters!Edit

New teleporters have been added outside the boss fights for Duos. This will allow players an extra 15 seconds to enter the boss fights after the boss fight door closes.


Area 51Edit

  • The quest objectives have undergone formatting changes.

Arkham AsylumEdit

  • Players no longer remain in combat once they make their way past the catwalks in the Mister Freeze Wing.

H.I.V.E. Moon BaseEdit

  • Fixed the combat log to display correctly for the Drill Beam.


  • The correct amount of treasure chests will now spawn, and should now always drop loot.

South Gotham CourthouseEdit

  • The Duration of the Damaging Testimony field has been greatly reduced.
  • The Damage from the Damaging Testimony field has been delayed by 2 seconds to allow time to move out of it.
  • The surviving Attorney will now do much more damage during 'Closing Arguments'.


  • Added an additional piece of music to the player dueling playlist.

Psychosomatic Illness




  • The Content Area Pointer for Clayface has been updated and will now send you to the proper area to find him.



  • The Block counter effect should now only trigger in response to attacks which are Vulnerable to Block.


Gorilla Grodd's LabEdit

  • Players will no longer spawn inside a book shelf when first entering Grodd's Lab.


  • Resolved an issue with the feat Duos Dynamo  that was granting it extra counts for completing certain duos.



Beat the Heat

  • The Freeze Agent quest giver will no longer jump off of the roof and should be easier to find.

Communication Breakdown

  • The cars, vans, and traffic cones around the area should no longer be targetable during combat.

Exobyte Eclipse

  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to appear to slide when first attacked.

Falling STARs

  • The quest objectives have undergone formatting changes.

Lunar Eclipse

  • Villain: Lightkeeper Janis should now stay down when you defeat her and not get up (reset) looking for a second beating.

Raven Unleashed

  • The Science Police no longer use their stealth rockets out in the open as this weapon is still under development. Enemies of the Science Police will now see rockets barreling toward them.

Reign of Blood

  • Players no longer remain in combat with Doctor Fate after defeating him.


  • Fixed an issue where players could get attacked by invulnerable NPCs if they backtracked through the instance after wiping.

Smash and Grab

  • The Gotham Police Cars in this area no longer have a protective coating that makes them indestructible.




Iconic PowersEdit


  • Pets now persist through zoning.


  • The trait tree description text should be visible when mousing over or selecting the mastery tree box for both the Assault and Support trees.



For the purposes of clarity, the box formerly known as Circle of Protection in the Destiny tree is now known as Circle of Destiny. This grants Circle of Destruction in Damage role and Circle of Protection in Healer role. The functionality and statistics of these abilities remain unchanged.


  • All counter-attacks now inflict knockdown.
  • Corrected an issue that could occasionally cause you to have to break out after being hit with a counter attack if you wanted to begin moving right away.
  • Corrected an issue that could prevent block from working immediately after recovering from a counter attack.


  • The Legends PvP trinket may no longer be used while in stealth.
  • Charge up attacks when released early will cause less damage than fully charged ones.
  • Damage caused by tray powers should no longer vary with the level of the player while in Legends matches.
  • Pets summoned by players under level 30 will now have the proper level 30 combat stats.


  • Her Whip Pull attack no longer affects friendly targets.
  • Corrected a visual effects issue that would occur when she used her Smoke Cloud ability.
  • Her weapon combo abilities now inflict damage commensurate to other Legends characters.


Fortress of Solitude: Zod's RevengeEdit

  • Fixed an issue where Superman and Lex Luthor would refuse to 'shoot first' when threatened by Ursa and Zod. The two will now push themselves to be Heroic and assist the raid group in defeating Zod and his followers.

Battle for Earth: Prime BattlegroundEdit

  • Healer Drones should now properly de-spawn once Brainiac Prime is defeated.

User InterfaceEdit

On Duty UI

  • "Ready" check box now remains disabled until actually needed.

Trade UI

  • Removed chat window spam when items are added or removed.

Partners in Crime

  • Now correctly displays as a Duo rather than an Alert in the Mission Journal.

Ferris Aircraft

  • Now correctly displays as a Duo rather than an Alert in the Mission Journal.

The Demon Inside

  • Bulletins will now update properly.

HUD Ability Tray

  • The cooldown and out-of-power icons now have improved readability.


  • Made a number of environment fixes throughout the game world.


Dual WieldEdit

The animation speed of Dual Wield Phantom Slash (the ranged Tap) was decreased.The final combo hit of Whirlwind Overstrike, Stunning Swipe and Dual Flurry will now scale properly based on the total time of the tap attacks leading up to the final hold.