Rescue citizens affected by the pheromones wafting from Poison Ivy's plant creatures.


"Ivy's expanded on her usual menagerie. This time she's created pheromone-blasting plants to lure in citizens, so her roaming Venus Fly Traps can devour them. Help as many people as you can." — Batman
  • Approach and Investigate the Pheromone Sourse in Otisburg Botanical Gardens
  • Rescue Pheromone-Smitten Citizens (0/15)
  • Free Cocooned Citizens (0/10)
  • Destroy Pheromone Emitting Pods (0/10)
"Poison Ivy's pheromones can make anyone fall in love with her. Usually it's only at close range. These distance attacks are something dangerously new." — Oracle

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