Gluttony is a level 17 mission started automatically upon the completion of Greed.

Eliminate Gluttony Demons and revert gluttonous citizens.


"With each devoured soul, these Gluttony Demons feed Trigon the power he needs to pass through. Eliminate these Demons, and revert any corrupted citizens back to themselves!" — Wonder Woman
  • Defeat Gluttony Demons (0/20)
  • Citizens in the area have been affected by Glutton Demons. Confront these Citizens and knock some sense into them. (0/20) (1083 xp)

Upon completion, Wrath would automatically be started.


  • Officer Keaton, who starts the side mission Fresh Meat, is found in the area.
  • Only one hit is required to revert a citizen. Once made normal, they may help fighting the Minions of Gluttony.


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