Gorilla Bomb Components is an Investigation that can be found in the Little Bohemia district of Metropolis. There are six parts that comprise this investigation, all of which can be found south and east of the Little Bohemia Police Department; Gorilla Bomb Components is part of the Survival of the Fittest Story Arc.

Synopsis Edit

"Gorilla Grodd's devolution device is fused with an advanced explosive. Investigate the techniques of Grodd's science before he devolves the entire city."

An army of intelligent gorillas has descended upon Metropolis' Little Bohemia District. Servants of Gorilla Grodd, these apes have installed and protect a number of devolution units and neural arrays, all designed to devolve the city's populace into simians under the mental control of their master. To further protect his devices from tampering at the hands of the city's defenders, Grodd has installed an explosive of his own design in each device.

Collectibles Edit

Part 1: Simian-Infused Payload Shell Edit

Map, Little Bohemia, Gorilla Bomb Components 1

Part 2: Chromosome 2 Diffuser Node Edit

Map, Little Bohemia, Gorilla Bomb Components 2

Part 3: Simian-Infused Chassis Edit

Map, Little Bohemia, Gorilla Bomb Components 3

Part 4: Simium-231 Reactor Core Edit

Map, Little Bohemia, Gorilla Bomb Components 4

Part 5: Psionics-Sensitive Detonator Edit

Map, Little Bohemia, Gorilla Bomb Components 5
  • Location: South of the Queensland Boardwalk, in the vicinity of the Neural Arrays involved in the mission He Wants a Devolution. Marker is on the north-east corner of the north-east rooftop in the block of four buildings further west than any other buildings in Little Bohemia.
  • Investigation: "Gorilla Technician Report: General Grodd designed the detonator to pick up psychic vibrations so slight, even thinking about the sensor could trip the fuse. Uh-oh."

Part 6: Primary Reactor Rotor Edit

Map, Little Bohemia, Gorilla Bomb Components 6

Reward Edit

Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Flash or Gorilla Grodd, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Flash (Barry Allen) Subject: Shock the Monkey
"Nice job gathering those bomb components in Little Bohemia! STAR Labs will start analyzing them immediately."
Attachment: Bioshaped Gorillium Leggings


Mail icon From: Grodd Subject: The Power of Primal
"Now that you've gathered gorilla technology in Little Bohemia, you know that primal rage can extend further than your human mind ever imagined! Fear our ultimate power unleashed!"
Attachment: Bioshaped Gorillium Leggings


This collection rewards the player with the Bioshaped Gorillium Leggings item.