Gorilla Warfare is a mission unique to heroes that selected Superman as their Mentor at character creation. It is automatically granted to characters following the completion of the mission Gorillas By The Sea; Gorilla Warfare takes place in the Little Bohemia district of the city of Metropolis, and is part of the Story Arc Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1.

Background Edit

Gorilla Grodd's army of apes has attacked Metropolis' Little Bohemia district. His soldiers are terrorizing the populace, and have installed Devolution Units around the Queensland Boardwalk; Grodd's devices must be destroyed, before they can be used to turn innocents into the gorilla army's newest recruits.

Summary Edit

Devolution Unit, Gorilla Warfare

Gorilla Grodd's Devolution Unit

"Beat back Grodd's invading army and destroy their devolution devices on the Queensland Boardwalk."

Objectives Edit

Rewards Edit

Oracle: "Grodd's usual trick is mind control, so I'm betting that's part of those devolvers - Grodd turns people into apes, then controls their minds. And he considers us uncivilized? Villains."