Break into the Cape Carmine Lighthouse to beat down Bane with Nightwing.
Lighthouse collaspse

The lighthouse is collapsing.


"Bane's addicted to Venom, but he's no fool. I've tracked his main stash to the Cape Carmine Lighthouse. There's an unguarded entry up top, behind the light. Nightwing's inside, but no one should try to take out Bane alone. Bane can be deadly. Believe me, I know." — Batman
  • Defeat and Arrest Bane
"Someone must have tampered with Bane's Venom. No doubt about it - we're looking at a full-scale GangWar[sic]. But who's started it - the Joker? Two-Face? The Penguin? Hm. For now, head to the safehouse and speak to Batwoman. We'll keep you posted." — Oracle

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