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Synopsis Edit

"Bane and the Falcones skirmish in the Gotham's East End!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Gang War II: Vicki Vale Edit

Gang-War-II-1 Gang-War-II-1-Map

  • Location: On top of the Gotham Gazette building.
  • Briefing : Vicki Vale: "Welcome to Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale. Batman and the Joker: a deadly duo. Now Batman's fight against the Joker's lethal chaos has reached a new level. Gotham Now has learned that both Batman and Joker are leading entire hero and villain factions. In fact, everyone from the Falcones to the Penguin are building up their ranks. What does this mean for Gotham? Stay tuned to Gotham Now"

Part 2: Gang War II: Vicki Vale Edit

Gang-War-II-2 Gang-War-II-2-Map

  • Location: Unknown
  • Briefing : Vicki Vale: "This is Gotham Now, and I'm Vicki Vale, with alarming reports that the steroid-addicted muscleman Bane has returned to Gotham, and that use of his drug, Venom, is spreading. Bane is wanted in over 17 countries, on charges ranging from assault to an attempted military coup. Is he back now to once again try to take down the Bat? We'll keep you posted."

on top of the roof by the crane

Part 3: Gang War II: Booster Gold Edit

Gang-War-II-3 Gang-War-II-3-Map

  • Location: Unknown
  • Briefing : Booster Gold: "Hey kids, this is Booster Gold! I don't need drugs to have superpowers, and neither do you! Villains like Bane think Venom makes them strong, but steroids just make you weak. So remember, Booster Gold says: 'Stay gold, stay away from Venom!'"
Announcer: "This message was brought to you by the Martha Wayne Foundation."

Part 4: Gang War II: Police Radio Edit

Gang-War-II-4 Gang-War-II-4-Map

  • Location: Unknown
  • Briefing : Harvey Bullock: "Bullock to dispatch. We got both Killer Croc and Nightwing in the city tonight. I hear Croc's working muscle for the Falcones, so between the freaky reptile and Batman's showoff flyboy, eh, it's anybody's bet who takes down Bane first."
    Female Officer: "Sounds like a popular guy."
    Harvey Bullock: "Yeah, life's hard for us He-Men... say, you doing anything later tonight? Ah, come on.'"

Part 5: Gang War II: Batman/Bane Edit

Gang-War-II-5 Gang-War-II-5-Map

  • Location: Unknown
  • Briefing : Bane: "I am Bane, and this is the voice of the enemy. The Bat! I will break him!"
    Batman: "This is Batman. That Venom you're injecting, it will destroy you from the inside. There is only one kind of strength and it doesn't come from a drug, but until you come clean you'll never know what that is."

Part 6: Gang War II: Joker Edit

Gang-War-II-6 Gang-War-II-6-Map

  • Location: Unknown
  • Briefing : Joker: "Harley, I have told you, do not touch my equipment! I can't tell if this is set to "send", "receive," or "electrocute!" I could be broadcasting this signal that Morrow rigged and liquify every brain cell in Gotham at this very moment! Daddy has a gang war to plan. I've got Bane and the Falcones at each other's throat, now all I need is- ... Harley? You what?! Don't tidy! Don't! Don't touch anything!"


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Vicki Vale, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: Vicki Vale Subject: Briefing: Gang War II
"Gotham Now News Brief: Police are still unable to explain tonight how a massive gang riot broke out in Gotham's East End. From reports, powered heroes and villains jumped in the fray on both sides of the conflict. Details are still pending at this late hour. For Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale."
Attachment: WayneTech Prototype Equilibrity Gloves


Icon Hands 002 Blue

This briefing rewards the player with the WayneTech Prototype Equilibrity Gloves style item hands (style Dresden 7).

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