The Gotham Arms Apartments is an apartment complex located in the southern area of Gotham City's Burnley district.

In former days, all inns and taverns displayed a sign with a design or symbol by which to identify an inn or tavern. The "Gotham Arms" was identified by a Gotham Coat of Arms hung above the tavern's doorway to easily distinguish it from the city's other residential establishments.





Gotham Under Siege



  • Shortly following the Infinite Crisis, Catwoman lived in one of the complex's apartments under the name "Irena Dubrovna" after becoming pregnant and retiring from her life as "Catwoman". However, her old identity was soon discovered and she was forced to fake her and her child's deaths and relocate to the East End.
  • Sister Lilhy also rented an apartment at Gotham Arms until her confrontation with Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley).
  • While the practice of using symbols and imagery to identify a building have long since passed due to increased literacy in the world, the term "Arms" has been continually used to add a sense of class to an establishment; much in same way terms like "Court", "Hall", "Manor" or "Piazza" are added to an establishment's name in modern times.

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