The Gotham City Chinatown is a district located to the west of the Diamond District and Old Gotham district. The district is home to a solid and traditional Chinese community.

Known for its restaurants and Oriental markets, Chinatown residents seem to consider themselves a self-contained community and neither ask for nor feel that they require assistance from "outsiders". The district's main street could be accessed through an ornate golden gateway on Gate Street.

Chinatown is connected to Gotham County via the Vincefinkel Bridge, stretching over the Gotham River to the west.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Like the Old Gotham district and southern portion of the Diamond District, Gotham City's Chinatown has been completely encapsulated by Brainiac's forcefields. Brainiac's forces now patrol the district's now barren streets.


Gotham - China Town


~ Museum of Natural History
~ Chinese Cultural Center
~ Vincefinkel Bridge


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