The Gotham Gazette is one of the largest daily newspapers based in Gotham City with nation-wide syndication across North America.

In competition with the Gotham Globe and the Gotham Herald, the Gazette is noted for producing articles about the Batman and other Gotham-based superheroes and villains.






  • The Gotham Gazette first appeared in Detective Comics #105 (November, 1945).
  • Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, had once worked for the Gazette early in his career.
  • The Gotham Gazette shares its name with the real-world Gotham Gazette in New York.
  • The Gazette has live broadcast division, known as Gotham Now!, which Vicki Vale hosts.
  • Senior Writer in the Gotham Gazette, Simon Lippman is an old-school reporter who has a working relationship with the members of the GCPD. Known for his strict adherence to not revealing his sources under any circumstance, the GCPD trusts Lippman enough to reveal information on a case that they may not reveal to other reporters. In exchange, Lippman may sometimes share information that may otherwise assist in their cases.

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