Gotham Hospital is a Gotham location and a Tier 2 Duo.

The Gotham Hospital is a public hospital located in the Old Gotham district of Gotham City.
Bottled, like the majority of the buildings in south Gotham, the Gotham Hospital among other buildings becomes a target for joint infiltrations between the Justice League of America and the Secret Society of Super-Villains in an attempt to weaken Brainiac's Union.

Access to the Gotham Hospital Duo requires The Battle for Earth Episode and a Combat Rating of 43.
The Duo rewards 2 Marks of Victory for players with a Combat Rating between 43 and 64. Players with a Combat Rating higher than 64 only receive Loot items from the Duo.

The Gotham Hospital instance can entered by an individual player through a portal in South Gotham.

Duo DescriptionEdit

South Gotham has been shaken by Brainiac's invasion activity. Enter the bottled Gotham Hospital and put a stop to his schemes.






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