Hive Minder can be found in the HIVE Base Duo, accessible through the on duty menu. It's a non-combat NPC, only acting in cutscenes. It uses the same character model as the Brainiac Overseer.

Involvement Edit

The Hive Minder is a messager from Brainiac to the Hive. He oversees the recuperation of exobytes by Queen Bee.

Mission objective Edit

Strategy Edit

The Hive Minder appears in a cutscene just after defeating Booster Gold. He then starts running towards the end of the level, leading you into a patrol of HIVE minions (you cannot catch up to him, he disapears after a set time). The HIVE Minder is seen again in the final room of the Duo, giving instruction to Queen Bee before definitively disapearing.

Item Drops Edit

The Hive Minder does not fight, cannot be defeated, and therefore drops nothing.


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