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In-Game HistoryEdit

Within the craters of earth's moon the H.I.V.E. is mining stray exobytes to deliver to Brainiac.




Hard modeEdit

The H.I.V.E. Moon Base is also playable as a Tier 2 Hard Mode Alert, accessible from level 30 with a combat rating of 43 or higher (no marks can be earned above combat rating 64). The Alert is substantively the same as in Normal Mode, with a couple changes, including:

  • Enemy strength is appropriate to combat rating 43-64.
  • Loot drops are appropriate to combat rating 43-64.




Title Description Image



Moon 1 Center of map - between Inprocessing Center and Harvester.
Moon 2 Southern part of map, between Inprocessing Center and Harvester.
Moon 3 North of Harvester, above where Harvester boss spawns.
Moon 4 Southeast leg of Harvester.
Moon 5 H.I.V.E Starport, underneath the ramp leading up to all ships from Moon floor.
Moon 6 Just west of H.I.V.E. mothership.


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