HIVE Base is a Level 8 mission and a Tier 1 Duo.
The Duo requires Level 30 for access and rewards 2 Marks of Victory for players with a Combat Rating between 30 and 53. Players with a Combat Rating higher than 53 only receive Loot items from the Duo.

Duo DescriptionEdit

Booster Gold, dosed with Queen Zazzala's hypno-pollen, is now Queen Bees's deadly slave. Free Booster Gold and take down the Queen in HIVE's Metropolis fortress.


See: Stirring the HIVE.

The Duo version of this instance has added objectives:

  • Synchronize the security consoles with the force field to open it.
  • Subdue Booster Gold and free him from Queen Bee's Hypno-Pollen.





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