Talk Screen - Steel
"Grodd is using projections of himself to warp the minds of the guards. Some have already gone beserk and tied up their more resistant colleagues. Find and rescue the ones that haven't already lost their minds to Grodd!" — Steel

Habeas Corpus is one of the daily missions for heroes in the Secure Stryker's Island set. It requires Home Turf episode access and a combat rating of 70+.


Gorilla Grood's psychic projections are targeting the prison guards on the grounds at Stryker's Island. Find and rescue officers from Grodd's powerful influence.


  • Intro Message
  • Find and rescue Prison Guards being held hostage on the Third Floor
  • Free the Senior officer being held hostage on the Second Floor, and transport Grodd's Mind Control Device to a safe area
  • Return to the Stryker's Island staging area and speak with the Steelworks Communication Foreman





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