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The Hall of Heroes is the name of two locations in the Watchtower.
The first is located between the Magic and Meta Wings, possessing three collosal monuments to the Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman).

The second is enclosed meeting room in the Main Wing, overlooking the Monitor Womb, where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman co-ordinate the League. Only official Justice League of America members can enter the enclosed hall.

Locations and Inhabitants

Enclosed Hall

Monument Hall


Enclosed Hall

Monument Hall



  • While initially allowed access to start their final level 30 mentor quests, players can only access the Hall of Heroes enclosure thereafter after completing their final mentor quest and gaining Justice League of America membership.
  • In their initial release following Update 14, the game programers mixed up the Valiant Knight and Checkmate Operative armor sets; resulting in the armor set displays being placed in the wrong locations with the wrong names. The error has since been fixed.

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