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The Justice League Hangar is built to contain numerous vehicles of varying sizes to support the Watchtower's vehicle fleet.
The Flash usually spends time here due to its size and open space.

Batman's Batwing used to be docked here along with various STAR Labs and CADMUS vehicles. The Hangar can be accessed from the Watchtower Tech Wing.

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  • The Batwing featured in the Hangar can also be seen suspended in the Legends PvP Batcave.
  • Following the Patch 5 update (September, 2011), Batman had flown the Batwing back to the Batcave, and S.T.A.R. Labs had recalled their ships to the home office for maintenance. The Hangar is currently devoid of any craft, despite Oracle's information kiosk claiming that some of the Javelin fleet is parked there.

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