Headline - SM Trigon's Prison Round 10

Headlines are short movie clips unlocked after you finish a boss fight.

It's a big, scary world out thereEdit

This headline is earned after completing the tutorial mission, The Awakening. The narration and dialogue of the clip depends who your mentor is.


Our every tactic failed. Brainiac came to Earth to destroy it, and he was winning. Then a dying version of Earth's greatest villain brought us a weapon, stolen from Brainiac himself. New heroes to withstand Brainiac, and new villains to exploit the madness. I will train these heroes to fight the sick chaos of the Joker, and the evils that face us all. I am Batman, and the battle has only begun


Brainiac. A nightmare from my past, here to ravish Earth, our shared might unable to stop him. But now we have a chance. New heroes with powers received from a doomed future. Heroes able to take on all threats. I know today’s Lex Luthor; even the warnings from his future self cannot stop his mad vendetta. I am Superman. I stand for truth, for justice, and for the future.

Wonder WomanEdit

We were overwhelmed by his attacks. But only the gods can make or destroy worlds. And Brainiac is no god. From a single man’s courage we have an army of heroes to stand against Brainiac. Together, we shall fight tyranny. From Brainiac, or any other false god. As Wonder Woman I know, that we all have our destiny. And for these heroes it is the call to greatness!

Lex LuthorEdit

Brainiac. An alien intelligence, determined to steal my planet. Deadly. Unstoppable. Until a broken man with my face came from the future and released the key to my triumph. New villains, armed with earth’s strongest powers. With them I will take back my planet, for humanity! No matter who stands in my way. I am Lex Luthor. May the best man win!


Ha, Brainiac! Talk about your control freak. He makes Batman look mildly neurotic. Thank goodness Future Lex blasted earth with those stolen powers. Now we can really set the world on fire! What's an apocalypse without a little scream? Batman will never know what hit him. As for Brainiac? Do what the Joker does: Just go crazy!


Brainiac. Oh, his little games amuse me. He will never master the intricacies of magic. And now, thanks to a doomed little man in a metal suit, magic is unleashed on Earth. Only he who cannot rule destroys. And with these new villains, magic will rule at last. Wonder Woman claims to champion the gods? She will soon bow to me, Circe, for the age of magic has come.

First MissionEdit

Like the tutorials, the first mission headlines will depend heavily on is chosen as a mentor. After which, you will start receiving more diverse missions anyone in the same faction can access. These missions will not be offered by the League or the Legion to anyone with different mentors (Ex: a Batman mentor will not receive the Superman missions).

Fear - It's A GasEdit

This headlines is earned by a hero mentored by Batman after aiding Batwoman in defeating Scarecrow.

Simian Sucker Punch!Edit

This headline is earned by a hero mentored by Superman after aiding Flash in defeating Gorilla Grodd.

Faust FleesEdit

This healine is earned by a hero mentored by Wonder Woman after aiding Zatanna in defeating Felix Faust.

Power LunchEdit

This headline is earned by a villain mentored by Lex Luthor after aiding Parasite in defeating Power Girl.

Welcome to the FamilyEdit

This headline is earned by a villain mentored by the Joker after aiding Catwoman in defeating the Huntress.

Fate FallsEdit

This headline is earned by a villain mentored by Circe after aiding Brother Blood in defeating Doctor Fate.

Mentor ExclusivesEdit

There are certain headlines that can only by earned by working under the guidance of certain mentors. Just like in the First Missions, these can only by offered by said mentor.

Joker TrumpedEdit

This is earned by a villain mentored by the Joker, helping him defeat Batman.

Deathstroke DeniedEdit

This is earned by a hero mentored by Batman after aiding the Riddler in defeating Deathstroke.

Cat's in the BagEdit

This is earned by a hero mentored by Batman after aiding and defeating Catwoman in Gotham Museum.


Headlines can by earned through participating in Alert calls from Martian Manhunter/Talia al Ghul.

Incursion Bested!Edit

Earned by completing the mission against Brainiac in Area 51.


Earned by completing the mission against Chemo in Bludhaven.

Ultra-Humanity AvertedEdit

Earned by completing the mission against Ultra-Humanite on Gorilla Island.

Buzz Off!Edit

Earned bycompleting the mission against Queen Bee on the H.I.V.E. Moon Base.

Case CrackedEdit

Earned by completing the mission against T.O. Morrow on Oolong Island.

Other HeadlinesEdit

These are headlines that can be earned by any player, regardless of mentor, but still depending on whether they are heroes or villains.

Not GuiltyEdit

Earned by completing the Spectre mission series, specifically at the end of Spectral Embrace.

"I am the Spectre. The instrument of divine vengeance, for evil must be punished. And yet, without mercy, there is no redemption, and without humanity, no justice. Thus I must have a human link. Without this guard I am lost in shadow, eclipsed. My enemies fear my power and know this is my only weakness, but in it there is also strength, for vengeance is eternal, and it must be served." — Spectre

Sin Don't WinEdit

Earned by completing Trigon's Blood.

"Greed. Envy. Lust. Wrath. My sin is Pride. It was a gift from my father, the demon Trigon. I’ve fought this evil all my life. I found a new family, the Titans, and more. They stand with me against Trigon and his Cult of Blood, for Brother Blood will never rest with Trigon’s energy on this plane. Trigon will rise, and just as surely, we will be there to meet him." — Raven

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