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Hearts of Dearkness: Episode 4 is an Episode Briefing That can be found in the Suicide Slums district of Metropolis. There are six parts that comprise this briefing, all of which can be found in Unknown; this briefing is part of the Hearts of Darkness story arc.

Synopsis Edit

"Aquaman leads an Atlantean assault against the Drylanders!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Darkness IV: Lois Lane Edit

MMET101 AUDIO-PC-08-14.45.490

View from The Ace O' Clubs

Slightly South-East of The Ace O' Clubs building on top of the Metro Station Building.

Part 2: Darkness IV: Vicki Vale Edit

  • Location:
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Vicki Vale"

Part 3: Darkness IV: Jack Ryder Edit

MMET101 AUDIO-PC-27-19.07.360
  • Location:
  • Briefing : Jack Ryder: "Unknown"

Part 4: Darkness IV: Booster Gold Edit

Darkness IV - Booster Gold Darkness IV - Booster Gold Map
  • Location:
  • Briefing : Booster Gold: "Hey kids, this is Booster Gold. Sometimes people think they're better than you because they have powers and you don't; isn't that unfair? So remember, Booster says 'Stay Gold!' give people a chance before you call them two-bit publicity-hogging glory hounds, because that really hurts a guy's feelings ya know?"

Part 5: Darkness IV: Circe Edit

  • Location:
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Unknown"

Part 6: Darkness IV: Wonder Woman Edit

  • Location:
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Unknown"
MMET101 AUDIO-PC-08-15.40.000

Meta briefings Edit

Hearts of Darkness: Episode 4 is likely one of two briefings that comprise a sub-meta briefing for the meta Hearts of Darkness.

See Unknown for more information about the other briefing in the set.


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from [[Lois Lane], accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon
Mail icon From: Lois Lane Subject: Briefing: Hearts of Darkness IV
"Daily PLanet News Brief: The Atlantean embassy is closed today in the wake of an unprovoked attack on the Suicide Slums district of Metroplis. Sources at the scene report a heroic effort drove off the attackers, but losses were heavy. For Daily Planet Live, this has been Lois Lane."
Attachment: Divine Gloves


This collection rewards the player with the Divine Gloves item.



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