In the Mist

Feat StarFeat Star

Story Arc Survival of the Fittest
Alignment Hero
Type Solo
Subtype Contacts
Zone Metropolis
Region Little Bohemia

In the Mist is a Solo Contacts Feat that can be earned by Heroes in the Little Bohemia district of the city of Metropolis, and is part of the Story Arc Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1. It is worth 25 Feat Points.

Summary Edit

"Complete all of the Survival of the Fittest story arc side missions"

Objectives Edit

Power Outage:

Level 17 mission. Destroy Power Generators inside Old S.T.A.R. Labs building (0/6). Location: Outside of the entrance of Old Star Labs in Metro. Given By: Operative Humility. Reward: Flowsteel Necklace - Level 16 - 55 Health, 3 Precision, 3 Might, Value 77.

Turret Obliteration:

STAR Cars:

Accidents Happen:

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