JLA in Trouble? is a level 30 meta hero mission started once the player reaches level 30.

Report to Supergirl in the Meta Wing of the Watchtower.


"Urgent! We need your help immediately! Brainiac has bottled the Daily Planet - with both Superman and Lex Luthor inside! We're trying to get a teleport link but something's gone wrong. Since you broke out of Brainiac's ship, I'm betting you can penetrate that bottle before Brainiac goes into full lockdown. Supergirl is in the Watchtower, she'll give you the device that will allow me to communicate with you once you're inside the bottle." — Oracle

Upon talking to Supergirl, the player could choose to start Message in a Bottle.


  • Supergirl is found in the south east corner of the Meta Wing.


  • The Daily Planet Building has been bottled since the beginning of the game and Superman is clearly still shown to be around even through this mission.


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