Reporter Jack Ryder was well known for his hard-hitting newspaper column. On the trail of a gangster known as Manny, Jack snuck into a masquerade party at Manny's house, however, the villain's thugs unmasked him and injected him with hallucinogenic drugs; dressing him in a goblin-like outfit and paraded him before partygoers as a "walking creep". They then took him into the woods and shot him.
Having survived, Jack was found by Professor Emil Yatz and was healed with a surgically implanted device; bounding the garish costume and hallucinogens to Jack at the sub-atomic level. Now possessing two personas; one as Jack Ryder and the other as the insane Creeper, Jack uses his abilities against the criminals he writes about.


Jack Ryder can be heard on his show "Jack Ryder's You Are Wrong".


  • Jack Ryder first appeared in Showcase #73 (March 1968)
  • The voice of this character was provided by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • The Creeper has a huge infatuation with Harley Quinn, much to her disdain.


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