Jeremiah Arkham is a prominent psychologist and the head administrator of Arkham Asylum. Despite his professional success, he is mentally unstable and has cracked under the pressure of his job several times.


Jeremiah Arkham was the nephew of Amadeus Arkham, the then head of the Arkham Asylum, and the inheritor of the Arkham legacy.

When Jeremiah was a teenager, he walked into a corner store being held up by an escaped inmate of the Asylum. The gunman had already killed the storeowners, but when he went to shoot Jeremiah, Jeremiah's instincts told him everything he needed to know to get the lunatic to back down. He reassured the man that his father was dead and that he no longer needed to look for him. The lunatic understood what Jeremiah was saying, but rather than placing the gun down, he put it to his own chin and killed himself. From there, Jeremiah knew that he would spend his days working with the mentally imbalanced.

The Asylum came into Jeremiah's possession after his uncle died after going mad. Jeremiah proceeded to demolish the asylum before rebuilding it with state-of-the-art systems to keep Arkham's criminals contained.
Taking a hardline and somewhat unorthodox approach to his patients, Jeremiah and his asylum weather many hardships, usually at the hands of his own patients.



  • Jeremiah Arkham first appeared in Shadow of the Bat #1 (1992).
  • Jeremiah Arkham is voiced by David Jennison.
  • Jeremiah Arkham suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

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