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John StewartEdit

General InfoEdit

Movement Removed Effects
Flight N/A
Weapon Removed Attacks
Rifle N/A

Power Bars Edit

Main Power Bar
Powers Effects Range Targeting Recharge Usable Under CC Debuff/Buff Duration Cast Time Power Duration Pet/Object Effects Recharge After Animation Power/Damage Vulnerable Damage Over Time
Baseball Bat Knock Down

Melee Juggle Cone Knock Down Dodge Interrupt Construct Combo

Lunge/Melee Range Single Target/Cone 1s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes Block N/A
Construct Grenade Ranged Stun

Damage Over Time

Ranged Single Target/Area 3s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A 4s
Construct Shield Damage Immunity Self N/A 40s No 10s or 2500 damage Instant N/A N/A No Yes/No N/A N/A
Minigun Ranged Stun

Ranged Push

Ranged Cone 5s No N/A Instant 4s N/A Yes Yes Interrupt N/A
Air Raid Ranged Knock Down

Damage Protection

Ranged Cone 6s No N/A Instant 4s N/A Yes Yes N/A N/A
Swoop Attack Knock Down Lunge Single Target/Area 4s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A N/A


Bulthax's Legends Character Guide

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