Jokandroids are miniature robots made in Joker's likeness. They are members of Joker's Streetgang.


  • In addition to basic attacks, Jokandroids use Air Launch, Spin Chop, Flurry and Flip Slash combos.
  • Jokandroids use ranged attacks (knife throw).
  • Jokandrois use Boxing Glove Pistol - a power similar to Gag Glove from Iconic powerset.
  • Jokandroids Special Charge Attack (High AoE Damage; causes 50% damage to self).
  • Jokandroids explode upon death, dealing AoE Damage.



  • Wisecrackers can be found around Amusement Mile and Joker's Funhouse inside clown/gift boxes. Destroying the box may release a Joker Dawg who'll attack you, regardless of your morality.



  • If a Jokandroid dies by using his own charge attack, his death wont count towards any objectives.
  • It is recommended to fight Jokandroids from a distance and roll to avoid their special attack.



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