For the tier 5 duo, see Knightsdome Arena.

The Knightsdome Sporting Complex is a sporting complex located in the north-western section of Gotham City's Otisburg district.

Relatively new to the city, the sporting complex hosts many of the city's major sporting teams and events.


  • Brother Eye has returned and begun unleashing its OMAC army from a location beneath the Knightsdome Stadium. Batman and Lex Luthor employ New Heroes and New Villains respectively to investigate and infiltrate the OMAC base beneath the city streets.
  • In the Gotham Wastelands dimension, the Knightsdome Sporting Complex has been overrun by Jesse and his Cult of Envy. Both heroes and villains must enter the complex and disrupt Jesse's spell before he gains too much power and frees Trigon.




Southern Carpark

North Streets


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  • Gotham has many sports teams such as the Gotham Goliaths, the Gotham Knights, the Gotham Blades, the Gotham Gators and the Gotham Rogues.

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