Not to be confused with Knock Back.
Knocked out

A player being knocked out.

Knock Out occurs when the players health reaches zero. The player must wait about 11 seconds before they could flee (instantly) to a rally point. Allies may revive the player; in this case, click Enter to be revived and Esc to return to the rally point.

Being knocked out does not causes the player the lose items; instead, 10 is lost from the durability of all worn degradable items. This occurs even if the player is revived; therefore, in a dangerous environment this may lead to very rapid degrading.

Previously, players of the opposing faction could "kill" a player who is knocked out, shown by an animation of the player kneeling over, and the player must return to the rally point. After an update, it is impossible for a hero to interact with a villain who is knocked out or vise versa.

If the player logs out after being knocked out without fleeing or reviving, they would be revived on the spot when they log back in.

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