Lady Doombringer is a resident of Smallville who has fallen victim to LexCorp's illegal experimentation with Exobytes and Doomsday's DNA.

Involvement Edit

  • Players encounter the Lady Doombringer rampaging through Smallville after it escaped and overrun the LexCorp experimentation camp.

Combat TipsEdit

Fight MechanicsEdit

General StrategyEdit

  • Strategy A) Lady Doombringer will appear and the tank will hold her aggro. DPS Lady Doombringer until the red message comes across the screen reading that a captured Citizen is breaking free. While the tank has aggro of Doombringer, the DPS/Controller group members can focus their fire on the loose mob. Then after the Citizen has been defeated, go back to DPS on Lady Doombringer. Rinse and repeat this process 4 more times until Lady Doombringer has been killed.
  • Strategy B) Lady Doombringer can be kited around the surrounding area by a tank and then the citizens being released can be killed much faster, allowing the tank and healer to be uninterrupted by the attacking mobs.

Item Drops Edit