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Available to Player Character level 10 and above, Lairs and Hideouts are obtainable "personal living spaces" for a player's character to dwell.

Each Lair comes with a location-theme; sewer, penthouse, cave, bunker, tech, etc, that can be customized by the player with various objects, props and furniture found in-game or in the Marketplace. The entrance to a lair can be set by the player to be in either Gotham City or Metropolis.

Players with the Home Turf DLC are able to obtain Lairs, which have larger living areas, while players that do not have the DLC may obtain Hideouts, which have smaller living areas but serve the same purpose as Lairs.


Default Themes

Additional Themes (DLC)


After obtaining a Lair or Hideout theme, the Player must obtain a Deed. A Deed dictates the location of the Lair or Hideout in Gotham City or Metropolis. The locations available depend on the theme selected (eg Deco locations are various apartment buildings while Sewer or Bunker are various street/ground-level locations).

Price of Deeds depend on the location's proximity with other landmarks and the area's difficulty level.



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  • Gothic, Deco and Dive themes come automatically available for the Player with the Home Turf DLC.
  • Players can possess multiple Lairs and Hideouts and can also relocate an existing Lair/Hideout for a fee.
  • After Barbara Gordon was shot by the Joker in her father's house, the JLA designed and installed specialized security systems for the homes of families and friends of any member who requested it. The security systems included Thanagarian, Martian, Apokoliptian and Kryptonian technology as well as devices personally devised by the Batman.
  • Players must complete the Vault Ambush! mission before they will receive the mission granting them their lair or hideout.
  • Sherman Fine (aka The Broker) is an underground liaison that provides realty locations for villains to use as lairs and hideouts; his past customers include but are not limited to Catwoman, the Joker, Mister Freeze, The Riddler, the Gotham City Sirens and the Mad Hatter. He sometimes works in partnership with Jenna Duffy (aka The Carpenter), who specializes in outfitting various lairs and hideouts to her client's desires, in addition to operating as a residential repairman.

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