Lana Lang, a childhood friend of Clark Kent in Smallville, Lana is the Editor of the Business Section at the Daily Planet and lives in the penthouse of Hammersmith Tower in Metropolis with her niece.

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Lana was a childhood friend of Clark Kent while growing up in Smallville. The two shared a mutual attraction for each other throughout their youth, and Lana found out about Clark's abilities after he saved her life.
While Clark had left Smallville on a world journey, Lana attended Metropolis University to pursue a degree in Business and became a successful businesswoman.

Lana eventually married Pete Ross. The two settled into a quiet life in Smallville, where they had a son. When Pete began a career in politics that got him elected to the Senate, Lana moved to Washington, D.C. Eventually, Luthor was forced from his office, and Pete Ross became President (and Lana the First Lady). As she and Pete began to drift apart, Lana began to subtly attempt to regain Clark's affections, much to the anger of his wife Lois Lane. Following the ousting of founder Lex Luthor, Lana had become CEO of LexCorp where it was later revealed she sold Kryptonite to the government to prevent LexCorp from going under, and had caches of Kryptonite placed all over the planet, as a last-ditch defense if Superman should ever go rogue.
When she later tries to help Superman by sending the Luthor Squad. The act violates the LexCorp standard contract of employment, that forbids Lexcorp employers to use Lexcorp resources for helping Kryptonians.

Lana returned to her family home in Smallville to be closer to her ex-husband and son and takes it upon herself to reach out to Supergirl. She offers her advice and friendship. Around the same time, Perry White has been actively pursuing Lana to take over the Business section of The Daily Planet, a position that Lana was afraid to accept, following her bad experience with Lexcorp. Eventually, Lana and Supergirl decide together that Lana will accept the position, and that Supergirl will take on the secret identity of Linda Lang, niece of Lana Lang. Lana now lives in Metropolis with Supergirl, and is working as the editor of the Business section of The Daily Planet.

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  • In the Smallville Alert, Lana Lang is among the citizens that got turned into one of the clones of Doomsday and the players have to regress her among the other citizens back to normal.

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  • Lana Lang first appeared in Superboy #10 (September/October 1950).
  • Lana Lang is voiced by Lorrie Singer.
  • Lana Lang is blonde in-game, despite her typically being portrayed as a redhead.

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