LexCorp Genome Database is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Little Bohemia district of the city of Metropolis, near quest objectives for the story arc "_". There are 7 parts that comprise this set.

 Synopsis Edit

Metagenetic research data is extremely valuable to ongoing LexCorp clone research. They - and others - would be very interested in that data.

Collectibles Edit

Title Description


Part 1: UCATA3 Metagene Little Bohemia, Met U, southwest corner of northern dormitory
Part 1 UCATA3 Metagene LOC
Part 1 UCATA3 Metagene map
Part 2: GDSC1 Metagene Little Bohemia, South side of Bell Tower, behind bushwalls framing the walkway to the "entrance"
Part 2 GDSC1 Metagene loc

part2 GDSC1 Metagenes ground loc

Part 2 GDSC1 Metagene

part 2 GDSC1 Metagene map LOC

Part 3: LTI7 Metagene

Little Bohemia, South from Bell Tower, behind eagle's station, north from Big Belly Burger.

Inv.3-7 LT17 Metagene
Inv.3-7 LT17 Metagene
Part 4: CCS2 Metagene Litle Bohemia, Met U, next to a chemical container on southern part of campus
Inv.4-7 CCS2 Metagene
Inv.4-7 CCS2 Metagene
Part 5: HACT1 Metagene

Little Bohemia, Met U, roof of main building (Corlon Hall)

Inv.5-7 HACT1 Metagene
Inv.5-7 HACT1 Metagene
Part 6: SRMF6 Metagene
Inv.6-7 SRMF6 Metagene
Inv.6-7 SRMF6 Metagene

Part 7: HSFP Metagene

Little Bohemia, behind a lone brown building, northeast from Met U.
Inv.7-7 HSFP Metagene
Inv.7-7 HSFP Metagene


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Doctor Klyburn (heroes) or Doctor Happersen (villains), accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Doctor Klyburn Subject: Nice New Set of Genes
"Klyburn here, from STAR Labs. Thanks for gathering these genetic database from Little Bohemia, it's hard enoughg for us to stay ahead of LexCorp. This will give us a leg up."
Attachment: Genelord's Locket


Mail icon From: Doctor Happersen Subject: Power of Science
"Nicely done, gathering these from Little Bohemia. Some of my earlier splicing work, to be sure, but still very valid. Make sure anyone else who has seen it stays silent. The company has approved any means necessary"
Attachment: Genelord's Locket


Jeweled Amulet of Oa

This investigation rewards the player with the Genelord's Locket neck item.



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