Lex Luthor is the boss in S.T.A.R. Labs Facility instance. Depending on if the he's met in the regular instance or the challenge one, his levels are 15 and 30 respectively.


  • Lex Luthor uses basic Hand Blaster attacks.
  • In addition to basic attacks, he uses Pulse Beam and Power Discharge combos.
  • Primary Attack - 2 Laser Beams one from each shoulder.
  • Primary Attack - Special attack, where Luthor damages you and applies a DoT effect until broken out.
  • Force Field - Lex Luthor's defense is increased heavily. A player can disrupt the shield by interacting with the Krypto-Pulsar.

Note: Both his twin lasers and the special attack are called Primary Attack in the combat window.


Luthor is a relatively easy boss as the game provides you with Superman for a tank. Lex will almost always target Superman. When his Force Field is up, activate any of the Krypto-Pulsars nearby and attack him


Regular Mode

Challenge Mode

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