Lieutenant Pythia is an Amazon of Themyscira. The silver haired Pythia was one of the last Amazons to volunteer and bless a human baby, who had been rescued from the ocean to appear on Themyscira, as part of an Amazonian custom known as "Send Forth".

The human child, known as Julia Deneiros, would later grow up and become the first human woman that Princess Diana meets in the patriarch's world.
Later returning to Themyscira, Julia and Pythia would reunite and form a close Mother-Daughter relationship.

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  • The custom called "Send Forth" involves the Amazon's blessing rescued babies who appear on Themyscira's shores, nurse them back to health and then send them home again. The "blessing" in actuality was a subliminal suggestion for the child to teach peace and equality throughout their lives. This blessing can extend to descendants as well. Following Julia's blessing the custom seems to have ebbed.