Little Bohemia is a borough of Metropolis separated from the city's main island by the West River.

Known as the Arts Capital of Metropolis, the borough possesses many of the city's recreational locations like the Queensland Boardwalk and Beach and the Metropolis Metrodome. It also hosts the campus of the University of Metropolis along its northern shoreline.

In-Game HistoryEdit

A quiet district in comparison to the likes of the Tomorrow District and Downtown, Little Bohemia has non-the-less found itself being used as the beachhead for Gorilla Grodd's attempted invasion of Metropolis from the north while the H.I.V.E. has converted and bunkered itself within the Metropolis Metrodome to acquire and steal Exobytes for Brainiac
Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has begun experimenting with the exobytes he has acquired, creating a specific hospital wing at the Metropolis General Hospital and employing Doctor Psycho to "observe" metahuman patients infected by Exobytes while testing his own Exobytes on the students of the University of Metropolis, using the DNA of Parasite to turn them into "Parasite-like" monsters.


MetropolisLittle Bohemia
Metropolis - Little Bohemia


~ Metropolis Metrodome
~ Metropolis General Hospital
~ MPD 3rd Precinct
~ Southbank Commercial District
~ Club L'Excellence
~ West River Quay
~ University of Metropolis Campus
~ North Metropolis University
~ South Metropolis University
~ University of Metropolis
~ Gorilla Grodd's Lab
~ Queensland Boardwalk and Beach
~ Eagle's Station
~ S.T.A.R. Labs Research Facility
~ S.T.A.R. Labs Facility
~ Quayside Station
~ Southbank Station
~ Outlook Park
~ Queensland Bridge
~ Clinton Bridge
~ Base Theme: Eastern



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