Logic Loses is a level 30 mission started upon the completion of Emergency Response.

The Watchtower lost contact with security in the Containment Facility. Hawkman and Hawkgirl went in to investigate and have not reported back. Find the missing heroes and bring security back online.


"I've received reports of a troubling situation in the Watchtower's Containment Facility. Can you check in with security there? You may need to assemble a team for this one." — Oracle
  • Assemble a Team and Enter the Watchtower Containment Facility to Investigate the Disappearance of Hawkman and Hawkgirl
  • Restore Watchtower Containment Facility Security
  • Report Back to the Watchtower Security Guard


Enter the Containment Facility at the east end of the lowest floor of the Magic Wing. Go past several broken robots. The door opens when the player approaches.

After the corridor is several Security Guards and three turrets apparently hacked by Brainiac. The turrets cannot be attacked.

The guards are difficult, but not impossible, for a single player to defeat. However, the player must interact with the security terminal at the other end of the room to proceed. As there are three turrets and their attacks interrupts the process, the player must have three other players to distract them while they work on the terminal. While crates briefly block their attacks, they don't last nearly long enough.

"Emergency! I'm showing a strong Brainiac presence near the reactor core! This prison break was just to slow us down while they sabotaged the Watchtower's power supply! If the core goes, the Watchtower goes with it. Hurry!" — Oracle

After defeating many hordes of Brainiac bots, freeing Hawkman and Hawkgirl and securing the Reactor Core, exit the facility and talk to the security guard to the south.

"[exhale] Man. Well. The core's been salvaged, and you managed to limit the damage Brainiac's done. Oh, and saved everyone in the Watchtower. I'd call that a good day's work. Head back and let the security forces know it's safe to come in and clean up. I'll start patching our security defenses. And - thanks." — Oracle



  • For some reason, even though the player enters the facility from the Magic Wing of the Watchtower, leaving to their "last position" would lead them to outside the Chinatown Police Station.

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