Lover's Bowler is a rare-quality style item unique to the 2011 Valentine's Day Event. Use of the item unlocks the Valentine head costume style.

Obtained from Edit

Style unlock Edit

Upon usage the item disappears and unlocks the Valentine style head.


  • Pretty in Pink - Collect all styles in the Valentine set (10 points)
  • A Hallmark of Success - Complete the following Valentine's Day seasonal events: "It's a Love/Hate Relationship", Collection "Wedding Vows", Race "Multiplayer Flight Challenge: The Turbulent Path of Love", "Love is Hard Work", "Pretty in Pink" and "I Choo- Choo- Choose You" (25 points)


In 2011 the item was available from the seasonal vendors Cherub and Imp. It was again available in 2013 and could be found in the freely available Box of Valentine's Gifts.


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