Eclipso caged

Eclipso in a light cage.

Lunar Eclipse is a level 17 villain mission started upon the completion of Nightfall.

Break Eclipso free from his prison and release the full power of the Heart of Darkness.


"Inside this hidden base is Eclipso's prison. The shadowmen will endure the Sentinels' light as long as they can, so do not hesitate to summon more to your side. Once Eclipso is free, guard him well... and let him know who he owes, body and soul, for his rescue." — Circe
  • Find Eclipso in the Sentinel base and free him

Upon completion, Faustian Response is automatically started.


Zatanna caged

Zatanna caged in darkness.

Wisdom of the Elders, a Freelance Mission, could be started by interacting with the first bookcase in the base. When the player frees Eclipso, Zatanna teleports in. Operate the pedestals in the area to summon hordes of shadowmen, which would make the first part of the fight go smoother. After reaching 2/3 health, she destroys all shadowmen as well as the pedestals, and summon Etrigan. Zatanna does not attack and cannot be attacked before Etrigan is defeated.


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