Lunatic Fringe is a level 13 mission started upon completion of Beware of Jokers Bearing Gifts.

Inside the Funhouse, rescue Robin and retrieve the formula for Joker's new toxin.


Harley Quinn and Robin

Harley Quinn has captured Robin.

Chat With The Commish is started upon completion.


  • Not far inside the Joker's Funhouse is Detective Preston and Sergeant Reeves. They start the side missions What's In The Box? and Cops Behind Bars respectively.
  • Caged or wrapped officers could be found further in. Break their prison and they would briefly help you against Wisecrackers, Wags and more.
  • Breaking a present may result in an officer, Joker Dawg or Jokandroid. Oddly, the other minions of Joker attacks the Joker Dawgs and Jokandroids. This might be due to the system not recognizing what came out of the present. This is helpful to the player, especially the self-destruct of Jokandroids that could mow down multiple minions and their special charge attack that plows through their ranks. Throwing a couple of presents among the minions could cause more chaos that the player themselves.
  • There are two controls in the building that detonates bombs that could take out large amounts of minions.
  • There is a checkpoint after the second gate.


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