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The MPD SWAT Van, nicknamed the "Cruiser", of the Metropolis Police Department is a riot tank and personnel carrier used by the MPD SWAT team.



  • When uniformed police offers communicate over police band radios, there are many codes and abbreviations used to describe a situation. Codes may vary by jurisdiction, but some basics remain the same; 10-4 means "Okay", 10-20 gives a location, 10-24 means "emergency at station-all units returns", 10-108 means "officer down" or "officer needs assistance", 100 means a "hit and run", 148 is for "resisting arrest", 187 is a "homicide", 13 is for "major disaster activation", and 13, 77 CAPES means "metahuman altercation in densely populated civilian area, call for immediate evacuation".

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