Mainliner map

A map of this mission. The white dot to the south is Bane's Distribution Center. The player is at the location of the detective. The orange area is where the player could easily find Hoppers.

Mainliner is a short mission that involves disrupting Bane's distribution of Venom.

Starting LocationEdit

Mainliner villain map

The starting point for villains.


The Detective, found on a rooftop of construction zone north of Distribution Center and south of the East End Police Station.


A Hood, found on a rooftop near the Detective.


  • Gather Hopper Venom Injectors


The player must defeat 10 Hoppers that turn into Envenomed Hoppers in combat. They are found in the Detective's surrounding area.

A Hopper is fairly easy to defeat for a level 7, but they are rarely alone and are often accompanied by Street Soldiers and Razors. Players may try to attack isolated Hoppers. As this is not an instanced area, other players would be very helpful.


Upon the completion of this mission, the player is rewarded with $9 cash and 2 Soder Cola Classic.

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