Mannheim's Chinese Theater is a large public theater located in Metropolis Chinatown. Decorated in chinese architecture the theater possesses a large reception and bar area as well as a sizable stage with multi-level seating.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Felix Faust has retreated to the theater to start his ritual of sapping the souls from captured innocents. As Zatanna engages him alone, Wonder Woman sends some new heroes to support the magician in stopping Faust's latest scheme.








  • The Theater possesses landscape portraits of various Gotham City districts.
  • If the player looks closely at the "EXHIBITION" poster shortly before entering the theatre itself, they will see Greek lettering at the bottom below it which reads, in English, "Online Entertainment Makes The Greatest MMOs". Another sign in the instance has a similiar message, when translated it reads; "Sony Online Entertainment makes the greatest MMOs on the market."
  • While the theater does carry the family name of Intergang boss Bruno Mannheim, the location's exact relationship with him and his family is unknown.

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