After Game Update 18, Marks of Distinction can no longer be earned or spent. They can be converted to Marks of Triumph. The following is its historical information.

Marks of Distinction are a form of Currency mainly awarded to players for defeating bosses within 8-players Raids, as well as completing Tier 2 Duos and Alerts.

They are used to buy Tier 2 PvE Iconic Battle Suits.



Marks of Distinction are used to purchase Tier 2 PvE gear from one of the three origin's vendors. These vendors can be found in the middle of the upper platform in each origin's wing, standing next to a display case showcasing the armor one will receive.

Available GearEdit

Tier 2 PVE gear can be purchased for various amounts of Marks, as follows:

No. of Marks Gear Slot
40 Back
45 Gloves, Boots, Belt
50 Shoulders
55 Head
60 Chest, Legs

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