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Marks of Legend, a form of currency, are awarded for participating in PVP matches, either Arena PVP or Legends PVP. Two are granted upon a win, and one per loss. A few additional Marks of Legend are awarded from the introductory quests which lead players to Legends PVP.

Marks of Legend can be spent at stations in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom to unlock additional characters for use in Legends PvP. They can also be exchanged for other currency at the following rates:

Villains can find their Mark of Legend station in the Pit area of the Hall of Doom, attended by Catwoman and Ambush Bug.

Available CharactersEdit

The following characters can be purchased for use in Legends PVP matches:

Nightwing - 35 Marks

Harley Quinn - 10 Marks (Free for Villain Characters)

The Joker - 70 Marks

Bane - 55 Marks

Huntress - 10 Marks

Robin - 10 Marks (Free for Hero Characters)

Catwoman - 70 Marks

Two-Face - 70 Marks

Felix Faust - 85 Marks   (Requires Hand of Fate DLC)

Doctor Fate - 85 Marks  (Requires Hand of Fate DLC)

John Stewart - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

Amon Sur  - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

Ursa  - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

Power Girl  - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

Bizarro  - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

Kilowog  - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

Arkillo  - 85 Marks (Requires The Last Laugh DLC)

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