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Marks of War are a type of currency earned from Tier 4 Raids, Operations and Alerts. They are used to purchase Tier 4 PvE Iconic Battle Suits. A player can earn up to 14 Marks of War a week prior to the addition of Batcave: Inner Sanctum as an tier 4 alert.

After an update, tier 4 content no longer gives mark of war but instead Mark of Triumph. All tier 4 armors are now bought with mark of triumph and all existing mark of war could be traded for mark of triumph in the 1:125 ratio.


Previously, Marks of War can only be obtained in content found from The Battle for Earth and The Hand of Fate DLC packs. After an update, Batcave: Inner Sanctum is added as a tier 4 alert with the only requirement being a combat rating of 70, although this is very hard to obtain as a free player.


Marks of War are used to purchase Tier 4 PvE gear. This gear can be found in the Magic Wing (Watchtower) for heroes or the Magic Wing (Hall of Doom) for villains.

Available GearEdit

The Tier 4 PVE gear comes in four different styles, and can be purchased for various amounts of Marks, as follows:

No. of Marks Gear Slot
40 Back
45 Gloves, Boots, Belt
50 Shoulders
55 Head
60 Chest, Legs

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