Masked Apparition level 5 mobs fought during The Witching Hour.


  • Masked Apparitions use basic Hand Blaster attacks.
  • Masked Apparitions use Soul Eater - they hit multiple 10s of damage and fully heal themselves.
  • Masked Apparitions use Whirwind Attack from the Flight tree.


Heroes and VillainsEdit

  • Payers must activate Hell Portals to release and defeat 18 of them in the The Witching Hour event.

Loot Edit


  • All damage done against them is capped at 1, but they only have about 7 points of health. Therefore a fast combo like Hand Blaster's Pulse Beam or Bow's Finishing Volley is recommended.
  • There are tree visual variantions of Apparations each with a different mask from the Halloween event.


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