Medieval is an Armor Style Set.


Medieval (Healer)
Pieces Drops Stats

riverfront center 

Pieces Drops Stats
Medieval (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats


  • All-seer’s Promethium Shoulders - Dropped by Queen Bee – Hive Base (Duo).
  • Enforcer’s Promethium Chestplate - Dropped by Bane – Cape Carmine Lighthouse (Duo).
  • Rimed Promethium Chestguard - Dropped by Grodd – Gorilla Grodd’s Lab (Duo).
  • Enforcer’s Promethium Stompers -  Dropped by Killer Croc and Deathstroke, Nightwing and Huntress – Cape Carmine Lighthouse (Duo).
  • Fur-Lined Promethium Gauntlets - Dropped by Queen Bee – Hive Base (Duo).
  • Promethium Legguards of Shiruta - Dropped by Isis – Gotham University (Duo).
  • Necromagent’s Promethium Waistguard - Dropped by OMAC Delta – OMAC Base (Duo).
  • Executioner’s Promethium Heaume - Dropped by Queen Bee – Hive Base (Duo).
  • Warden’s Promethium Standard - Dropped by OMAC Delta – OMAC Base (Duo).




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