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Selecting a Mentor in DC Universe Online doesn't just determine your starting area, it also determines the quest lines you follow throughout the game. Each Mentor provides a mission at level 1, level 15, and level 30 for their Heroes or Villains. The only way to access an Instance from a mission from a mentor other then your own is to join a team with someone who has access and let them enter the instance first.

Hero Mentors Edit

Meta (Superman) Edit

Main Article: Meta Hero Storyline

Tech (Batman) Edit

Main Article: Tech Hero Storyline

Magic (Wonder Woman) Edit

Main Article: Magic Hero Storyline

Villain Mentors Edit

Meta (Lex Luthor) Edit

Main article: Meta Villain Storyline

Tech (The Joker) Edit

Main Article: Tech Villain Storyline

Magic (Circe) Edit

Main Article: Magic Villain Storyline

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