Meta Malpractice is a level 12 hero mission.

Rescue Metahuman patients escaping from LexCorp's Metahuman wing at Metropolis General Hospital.


Meta Malpractice drop off spot

The drop off point.

"These poor people are a threat to themselves and anyone else until we discover what Lex did to them. Use STAR Lab's special containment sphere to take them to safety." — Superman
"This is Superman. Lex Luthor sponsored a special Meta Wing at Metropolis General. Everything points to it being a cover for illegal experiments. Help the escaping patients as much as you can. And then we'll get to the bottom of this." — Superman
  • Secure Metahuman Patients in STAR Labs Containment Spheres and Transport them to Safety (0/10) (757 xp)
  • Defeat LexCorp Security (0/20) (757 xp)


  • Interact with the Confused or Desperate Patients on the ground - the Hyperactive ones are too busy fighting guards.
    Meta Malpractice drop off map

    The player is at the drop off point.

  • The Metahuman Escapee and Doctor Datson, who start the Losing Inhibition and Medical Misinformation side missions respectively, could be found in the area.
  • Warning: The dangerous, twisted clone, Bizarro, may be found in the area. If you hear his unique battle theme, you are about to get too close. His long-range grounding freeze vision could hit over 400.
  • The drop off point would only show up when you are carrying a patient.

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